Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Women are definitely different than men. I’ve been overwhelmed with the overload of motherhood and my solution to the problem was to begin blogging. Clearly, that was not my husband’s suggestion or the most practical solution to my dilemma.

Yes, I’m over my head with things to do, but recent events have pushed me over the edge and I can’t simply just wait for the problem to resolve itself. I was waiting for some divine intervention – a message from the all mighty. And good God, I got it. It was yesterday, June 3rd that the message was preached about turning our problems into possibilities and a huge problem that I’ve been whining to everyone about for years is the education system. In my mind I had envisioned this whole thing going down quite differently. After getting my degree in International Affairs and years of experience in substitute teaching and in the educational system, I figured I was just going to wait until the kids were old enough to be in school full time for me to get my Masters and find a way to change the school systems from within (and maybe one day I will still do that). That was my plan, but He clearly wanted me to do more.

The other issue with waiting until the kids were old enough is the “waiting” part… I’ve never been too patient, and in this case exercising such virtue would actually mean my kids would get the short end of the stick. I’ve always been a strong believer that the educational process begins at home, so now I’m simply taking it to another level. Just to clarify, I am not home-schooling my children. I entertained that idea as well and I applaud all those who have decided to home-school theirs (if you would like to share tips and resources with me I welcome all of it, but it’s just not for me). Technically we’re always “teaching” our children (that never stops), but for me it’s one thing to teach a classroom and it’s another to teach only your children, every – single – day… and I have some amazing kids! I know that there are support groups and playgroups for interaction, but I remember my own childhood and I loved the smell and feel of school, the excitement of it… the good the bad and the ugly… it made me who I am.

I’ve decided instead to develop a supplementary program to my children’s education to fill in where the school is failing my children. It’s not my goal to push them too hard, but to encourage their curiosity and not allow their mind to become lazy. So that’s my project for the summer and I welcome you to join us on our adventure and I will do my best to share ahead of time our plans and schedule in case you’re interested or know of anyone who may be interested on keeping busy during this summer. My son has one week left of pre-school where I will be working on making fun-packed summer schedule of what we will be doing to learn everything that interests his little mind and my daughter’s little mind that will be going into pre-K next year. Once school starts we will continue on our adventure in a smaller scale as I engage on what they’re learning in class. If you have any recommendations please feel free to share and if you decide to join us on our journey please share your pictures and stories, we’d love to hear all about it!


3 responses to “Turning Problems Into Possibilities

  1. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences. I too toggled with the idea of doing home schooling but quickly realized…not for me! Not that I don’t want to contribute to their learning and development, I just KNOW I haven’t been called in that direction. As a working mom, my biggest fear is being burnt out from the job and slowly losing the drive to put in the extra work the way I have been…any fresh ideas would certainly be helpful…I will be following!

    • I completely understand and I had a hunch I couldn’t be the only parent out there struggling with the same thing. I figured if I do enough “homework” upfront, we could develop a system that would become a simplified routine and by blogging it, there would be a good system for support and accountability (which is always needed). I’m so excited, I should have June’s schedule up by tonight!

  2. hi bruna. as you know, i don’t have kids, but i think this is a great idea, and something i’d like to do with my future kids. there are definitely problems with our educational system and supplementation is totally the way to go, IMO. i agree with you that something valuable can be lost with just home schooling–i loved school as a kid, and the crappy parts of it taught me important things as well.

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