Let’s Plan

First things first, let’s get organized. Let me also start by giving this quick disclosure… I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. By that I mean, if there’s something that you find that works for you (as long as you’re allowed to borrow it, download it, etc.), I don’t see the need to remake the exact same thing just so you can tap yourself on the back. I don’t have that much time on my hands, if you do, awesome! I say that because you will notice that I borrow a LOT of resources from many other sites and blogs. Feel free to call me out if I accidentally do not credit the rightful person for their original and hard work, it is not my intention to take credit for anyone’s work. I have always been crafty and loved art, and personally I’ve never been offended of having someone “copy” my work because I personally see it as rather flattering to have someone appreciate your work enough to want to replicate it, but please extend the same courtesy as I extend to others and credit me on my work.

So I started with finding this fun calendar <~(click the hyperlinks… it’ll usually direct you straight to the blogs where I get everything from). As I share my calendar, you can shape yours to your summer schedule and your children’s age(s). I’m using next week (June 11th) as our prep week where we will be going to the library and picking up all our books and doing some projects I wanted to get done. I’ll share those later this week. Starting June 18th, every week we will be focusing on two letters, the first week being A & B. I am using the letters as the theme to shape the entire week around. Depending on your child’s age and level your theme may be different. Depending on the letter of the week we will be choosing 4 books of that title, 2 of each letter. In assisting us in deciding which books to read there’s this handy print out of 100 Book to Read in Kindergarten. Although it was compiled back in 2008, after searching the web and the suggested reading list by the American Library Association andReading is Fundamental, it was still the best compiled list out there.

If you don’t have a library card, we recommend you to get one. That alone can be one of your weekly or weekend activities where you will go pick-up your books for the following week so that you have them all ready to go. As an example for the week of June 18th we will be searching for 2 books that start with the letter “A” and 2 books that start with the letter “B.” Since I have two kids, I’m also going to have them pick 2 additional books of their choice (one each) just for fun. In case you don’t have too much time or creativity to go searching, the suggested reading list can really come in handy. If your child is older you can simply Google up suggested reading lists based on their age/grade.

We will be tying in writing with what they’re reading. Since this age group doesn’t quite yet know how to “write,” I’ve found these awesome activity books where they can practice not only the letters of the week but also work on copying one word from the book! Also there’s a nice big space for them to make a drawing of a picture that starts with that letter. By focusing on just two letters each week they should become really familiar with the letter and as you continue on to the next letters you need to add on to the letters you already learned not just focus on the new letters.

Every family dynamic is different so in my opinion during the summer if you’re working those are some things you could prepare during the weekend and carry on during the week while the kids are on summer vacation. If you have some more free time, like we will, you might want to add on these other activities. We will be incorporating math/numbers, science/animals/nature, geography, sports/play/physical education, and arts & crafts a little every day… maybe even matching our letter of the day for consistency.  For different ideas of those activities you can take a look at my pins on Pinterest and we’ll keep you posted as we find new creative ways to learn and grow together.


5 responses to “Let’s Plan

  1. Bruna,
    I think this is a great idea. I too have try to incorporate some e tea learning activities with my four yr old to enhance what she is learning in pre k. I love the idea for using two letters a week and incorporating the books. I will def plan for that next week. How fo you plan in incorporating math/numbers, science/animals/nature, geography?? Any ideas on activities we can do to work on these areas? I look forward to learning and sharing as well. Carline

    • I think tomorrow I’ll blog about how we’re planning on incorporating math, there will be some small daily repetitive activities and other more hands-on activities that are also mathematical such as baking ( ½ cup + ½ cup of flour = 1 cup). For science/animals/nature we will be learning about life cycle… like the life cycle of an egg, a flower, a frog, etc and also doing some hands on such as planting and gardening. I’ve found some work sheets but I’m making some too. As for geography we’re starting with the US for now, but as they get older I think it’s important that they learn more than just the US but we’re combining it with arts and craft and doing cut outs and painting of each state. I’ll post each subject once a day so that it’s not too overwhelming to read all at once. As I keep finding more innovative ways to get our kids learning I’ll keep on sharing too. Hope this quick overview kind of hits some points.

  2. Sorry for typos. Using my iPhone and it tends on changing things I type to what IT thinks I want to say. Lol

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