Today my daughter turns three! Which for me is a happy and a sad day, I know, I’m a bit mellow-dramatic. But I’m being honest here. The other night I found myself in tears after tucking her in at night at the thought that it was her last few days as a two-year-old. We say it all the time… “It seemed like just yesterday, when…” I’m getting choked up right now as I’m typing this and I’m not even talking. If you know me I do a decent job at trying to capture moments and memories with the kids, but as a parent you always have a feeling like you could always do more and this is why I’m full blown about making sure I’m doing this.

What is this? I’m not quite sure yet. It’s so big that I haven’t quite defined it. It’s a thin line of me trying to be involved in their growth and learning experiences as much as possible while trying not to push too much as to be overbearing. It’s me trying to study my own children to find out how they are, to see what works for them best, because I know them best, and only I have their true best interest at heart. It’s me being their number one fan while they still allow it and trying to cherish it before they push me away because it’s too tacky. Perhaps, it’s just me trying to hold on to every bit of them before it’s all just yesterdays.

So today we celebrate Gabby’s 3rd birthday. My little sassy girl, who will go on to do great wonderful things. Happy Birthday, I love you princess!

This was her just yesterday


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