Thanks For Helping Me Grow!

Today was Bobby’s last day of school and here’s a little project that we worked on together as a special thank-you for his teacher for helping him “grow.” I had this project on one of my pins on Pinterest and it originally came from:



  • recycled can (we used a large tomato sauce can because it was nice and tall)
  • 4 boxes no. 2 pencils (we purchased ours at the dollar store 2/$1 = total $2)
  • fresh flowers, from your garden or florist
  • card
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun


Have a guardian be in charge of setting hot glue gun dots on the can and have the child assist in setting the pencils around the can. Make sure the bottom of the pencil is flush to the bottom of the can and that the pencil is being placed straight, if you mess up it’s okay because once the hot glue dries you can always peel off the glue and redo it. Continue gluing the pencils until can is completely covered and then tie a ribbon for a finishing touch. Cut flowers to size and fill can with water. Set flowers in and tadaaa! You’ve got yourself a personalized teacher’s vase.  Best of all, if your kid is like mine, they’ll be super proud of themselves to give something that they made!


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