Strong Foundations

It’s tough for me to know exactly how much to share on a blog because I want to share enough to be as encouraging as I can, but how much is too much? Therefore when I choose to share personal experiences and expose my family and me, I do it in hopes that the good outweighs any negative. Recently my husband and I updated our “wills” and the night before meeting with the attorneys I was up all night in tears thinking about the dreadful “what if’s” and I decided to write my kids a letter just in case. Since I don’t want to relive that emotional rollercoaster let’s just say that it served as a great reminder of what I wanted to focus on during our very limited and precious time together here on this earth since we don’t know how many tomorrows we’ll have together. I had previously spent many sleepless nights in fear, not for myself, but for my children if God forbid something was ever to happen to me. What I decided was that I wanted to build a strong foundation for them (Matthew 7:24) . That way, regardless of what tomorrow may bring they will be well-equipped with the essential tools to be able to overcome it.

In our pursuit for building strong children we seek to build them from the inside out. As much emphasis as we place on the nutrients and vitamins that goes into their little bodies and the education that they receive in and outside the classroom, we have also chosen to always cover them with a spiritual foundation. Knowing that our children have freewill, we seek foremost be an example unto them by living our faith and secondly by covering them in prayer. We pray for them always, not just before a meal or before laying them to bed, but whenever we feel that they are in need of it. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my son or daughter praying for one another, for us as parents, for their friends, family, or teacher!

There are a lot of people who pray the same prayer, and that may be a nice place to start off from, but I don’t believe prayer to be one of those “check off the box” things that you just do to say you did. So when we pray for our children it’s the same thing, we don’t just recite the same… keep them safe, healthy, etc. Those are all great and yes I will always want those for my kids and all people of this world, but there are more specific things that your child may be in need of prayer over. No one knows your child better than you, aside from Christ that is. There’s nothing better that you can equip your child with than prayer, because after all, His words are everlasting and wherever you may not be to protect and provide; your prayers will be!

A really nice project I came across was this project for Praying for our Kids. We’ve decided to focus on what they need prayer for the most and found a verse that emphasized it and embedded their name on it. Every year we’ll pick a new verse that can apply for their specific need in their spiritual life and we can write it in a cut-out of their handprints so later on they can see how they’ve grown spiritually as well as in size. Both my husband and I decided to do this so he picked a verse that he thought applied to each child and I did the same and we’re keeping it in our bible so we can see it every time we do our “quiet time” to remind us to pray for those specific prayers.

We’ve found Gabby to have some challenges with embellishing the truth so I picked Proverbs 4:23-27 and my husband picked Psalm 25:21. Whereas, Bobby, has recently been challenged with learning less than desirable examples from others so I picked 1 Peter 1:13-16 and my husband picked Deuteronomy 31:6. I can’t wait to see how God works in their hearts and I hope that you find this project to be a good tool for you and your family as well.


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