When Nature Calls

Remember what I said about planning with flexibility? Well, first week in and we’ve already had plenty of unexpected surprises. Vet visits where the dog decides to run away in the middle of the rain, children with fever and then me getting sick isn’t exactly how I had envisioned our summer adventure commencing. So we roll with the punches and make the most of it. We eliminated the calendar, weather and seasons day and turned the lesson about our body and senses into a two-day lesson thanks to my wonderful husband. Here are the worksheets that we worked on. You can print them for free and not only can the kids color them, but they can also trace the lines which helps with pencil control in drawing and writing.

I’d prefer not to have gotten sick, but there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough. Today my husband was fortunate enough to be able to get out of work for me to go in for a doctor’s visit and I expected that he’d have to go back in as soon as I was back from the doctors, but he surprised me by insisting that I go rest up and that he had things “covered.” I hadn’t even prayed about this one, but talk about God knowing my every need. Let me not take any credit away from the hubby either, bless his heart.

As nice as this was, there was something greater about it all. I had shared with the hubby what we were learning and he decided to take the kids on a two-hour nature walk where they could use their senses. They even brought their nature journal with them and tracked down everything that they saw (spiders, bumble bees, a frog, squirrels, butterflies, plants, berries, rocks, dirt, and even a snake!), heard (birds, wind in the leaves, and an airplane) and smelled (trees and bushes). I enjoyed the much needed rest, but I had felt that I had missed out! Lucky for me they didn’t leave out any details of their adventure and they even brought back some pictures and a pretty leaf.

The icing on top of all of this was that in the end of the day my husband’s good deed gave him an insight of an average day in my shoes. He turned to me and exhaustedly asked, “What’s for dinner? I’m so tired!” Did I mention that he’s military? And he’s used to PT twice a day, which is like hitting the gym twice a day on top of an 8 hour work day. I bring that up because in 7 years of marriage he hasn’t once come home, as exhausted as he may have been, and actually admitted that he was tired! HA! Spend a day with two kids and see what it’ll do to ya?!


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