Father’s Day

The lack of posts recently wasn’t due to any type of negligence on my behalf but because the kiddos and I were working on our Father’s Day project and we simply couldn’t post it because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I don’t know how it is with you guys, but for us Father’s Day is pretty tricky. Actually any time the kids and I try to get a gift for any of the men in our family it’s pretty tough and they barely have anything in common. My husband for starters isn’t the type to really have “things” so gifts for him either need to be practical, a necessity, or from his alma mater. Not that he won’t like anything else, he’s grateful for any gift he gets, but it’ll just sit there because he won’t know what to do with it because he’s just a simple guy. Whereas my father on the other hand is a man who enjoys the finer things in life but it’s either way outside our budget or the few things that are inside our budget he already owns all of them so it’s pointless. Then there’s my father-in-law which lives across the country so gifts have to go postal. So at this golden age that my kiddos are in, home-made gifts are still the best!

Our home-made gifts this year were these awesome trophies made out of recyclables. For grandpa who’s cross-country we mailed him our art work and sent him a short video message.


  • Recycled plastic bottle that you can cut into (we used a ketchup & syrup bottle)
  • Fun shaped pasta (we used two different types: rigatoni & mafalda)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint (we purchased what we thought would be gold, but came out silver)
  • A base (we used some old coasters that were going to be tossed out)
  • Any other fun shapes (we used some old Mardi-Gras beads)
  • Your grandpa or dad sign (we printed ours from here)


First clean out your plastic containers and cut the top and bottom off. Flip the bottle upside down and have an adult hot glue the “top part” onto your base. Allow the trophy to completely dry onto the base before you begin decorating it with the pasta and other fun shapes you have. Go wild with your decoration! Once you’re all done have an adult spray paint the trophy outdoors. Be sure that the kids are not near because inhaling such chemicals is very harmful. Let the trophy dry overnight without touching to avoid any fingerprints, unless you want to sprinkle some glitter or any other goodies while it’s still wet and it’ll stick. Once it’s completely dry, glue on your sign and there you have it!


Another way that we know is a straight way to any man’s heart is through his belly so we prepared daddy and grandpa a Tres Leches Roasted Coconut Cake which is super easy to make especially because it’s meant to be served chilled so you can prepare it the night before. My husband claims that it hands down beats his favorite childhood cake from Peppridge Farms.

If you would like the recipe you can find it on the Recipes: A thru Z page on this blog. All the recipes we make will be posted there 🙂

and there you have it, our labor of love to our daddy and grandpa! Hope all the daddies and daddy-to-be had a  blessed Father’s Day!

Do any of you have any special traditions or neat ideas of what to do for dads? How did you spend Father’s Day?? We want to know!!

One response to “Father’s Day

  1. Although I am still felling weird to celebrate fathers day in June ( Brazil is in August), I have to say that the gifts you and your Kiddos Had made were awesome. That is the IDEA! No ” Market “, just the best of your heart. That’s pretty cute.

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