Reading is Delicious!

This week has been an awesome week for reading! For starters we went to the library to pick up our books for the week and our library informed us that they had a reading program going on to encourage summer reading where for every book read you could collect a prize. So we got five prizes each! How awesome is that? The kids who are usually pumped as it is just to go the library, were pretty wild about the idea and super excited that they got to pick their very own prizes. The theme for their summer reading program is “reading is sooo delicious” and their prizes were food related, for picnic and that sort of things which clearly encouraged us to enjoy the beautiful weather and bring our reading outdoors. We wasted no time in putting our prizes to good use and packed up some picnic goodies and planned the rest of our afternoon outdoors. We read Curious George by H.A. Rey and Corduroy by Don Freeman, both of which they loved. We loved being outdoors so much that we nearly napped outdoors.

After enjoying our picnic and book we spent a lot of time just talking, which was really nice. They had so much to share, more than usual. They felt really special that we got to have a picnic outside and then we laid on our backs and watched the clouds form patterns and imagined what they looked like and listened to the leaves in the trees, they were so loud because of the breeze. My son said it was God talking to us, what a precious moment we had. Weather permitting; outdoor picnics might just have to become a weekly routine for us.

For our geography portion we worked on our US map puzzle, 50 states song, and on painting California, Colorado, and Connecticut as part of our ongoing summer project of making the map of the United States. We were also going to make  some yummy coconut popsicle but we were missing one key secret ingredient: the condensed milk… so we will have to make it later. But if you’d like the recipe here it is.


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