Building & Growing

We’ve been so busy lately, but that’s good because that means no one has been b-o-r-e-d. That’s one word that hasn’t even crossed our mind this summer! We’ve been working on so many projects that it’s been hard to keep track, two projects that we started last week were our bird house and our herb garden. Our bird house was inspired by our nana and grandpa back in May when they came to visit and brought tons of popsicle sticks so clearly we had to make a bird house out of them, the good old fashioned way. The only thing was that it meant it would take much longer than the milk carton way or if we had decided to make it any other “more conventional way.” Only this week were we able to put the finishing touches. This was a great arts & craft project that not only worked on our fine motor skills, creativity, on following directions, painting, but also problem solving and mathematical skills. We faced the same issues that any builder face when building a structure and built all the sides first and had to figure out how we were going to make the popsicle sticks stay on the roof without sliding down. Long story short, it was a very educational experience for not only the kiddos, but for mom too. Here’s the picture of it before being painted and then afterwards with a bit of their personality added to it in color.

For our herb garden we decided we’d make it above ground to avoid any weed problem and because our soil is simply awful. We decided to plant herbs that we cook with so that we could prune/pick from our garden. We put our plants and seedlings into a paper pot that we made out of recycled paper bags because they could be planted into the dirt just as is and they’re super easy to make. If you’d like instructions how to make those, you could find it here. Here’s a picture of the kids getting the herb garden started and how it looks now:

The kids don’t seem to pick the “green things” out of the food as much any more because now they identify it as the herbs that we grow in our garden. The wonders of “growing”!



Our bible verse of the day: Do to others as you would have them do to you. -Luke 6:31


4 responses to “Building & Growing

  1. This is my first time here and this is the first post I read.
    Congrats on the way you raise your kids. Future world citizens, for sure !

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