A Giraffe and a Half

This week we are tackling the letters “G” and “H” which is exciting because it was another excuse for us to visit one of our favorite places… the Animal Safari to see one of our favorite animals, the giraffe! We wouldn’t head out before getting some reading done of course so we started first with some Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss for breakfast followed by A Giraffe and a Half my one of my favorite authors while growing up, Shel Silverstein. Two super books to get us in great moods for our fun adventure.

This would be our second time going on the safari. We’ve been to zoos, museums, and aquariums before and their all tons of fun but as a parent I’m a bit biased to having this be my personal favorite simply because of its convenience and how many animals we actually get to see up-close! With kids, at least up to this age, they usually get so exhausted and it’s even more exhausting on us as parents, but in the car with the AC pumping, the CD narrating all the safari animal information, inexpensive healthy snacks from home packed, and no walking or whining – it’s honestly a win-win!

There were over 1,200 exotic animals, including endangered species, not all of which we honestly saw, but we had our favorites. Our first time there, dad drove so I got to take all my pictures. However, this time I was the driver and the kiddos brought their own digital cameras and being the imitators that they are, they asked me to stop every two second to get the perfect shot. Can’t wait to see how their pictures came out.

Now that we’ve gone from A thru G in the alphabet it was interesting to see them actually pick up on the names of the animals that began with the letter that they had already become proficient in. As soon as they saw the brown bear they immediately remembered the book we read and started singing brown bear, brown bear, what do you see… and they made their own version of it. Among our favorites were the elephants, white tiger, lions, brown bear because they were wrestling in the water, ostrich because they kept coming to our car, the baboons because they had a cute red butt (I thought it was ugly), and of course the giraffe because, just look at these pictures…

Poor things actually thought they were going to get fed. Instead they only got some empty hands, but we loved it!



Our bible verse of the day: Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. -Mark 16:15


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