A Trip To The Moon

Recently we celebrated our wedding anniversary. If you’ve been following my blog…. don’t worry you’re not wrong, I’m not married to two different people or anything and I did write about how the 4th of July was extra special to us because it was our wedding anniversary. We’re one of those couples that have two anniversaries because of the Army. The day that we made it legal and then the day that we were able to actually celebrate it with our family and friends. Anyways, August is the month that we actually made it legal and as a sweet surprise the hubby took me away to a romantic dinner at a history location… just up his alley. We don’t get to do dates often because we haven’t found a babysitter that we feel comfortable with just yet and we live over 2hrs away from our closest family and friends so our romantic evening usually consists of putting the kids to bed early and renting a movie and having fondue night. Yet dinner was perfect, my parents had the kids and afterwards he surprised me with setting up for stargazing with a new telescope and truffles.

Since clearly this is reality and not the movies, the evening was super cloudy and eventually the authorities came in and asked what we were doing in the middle of the park after dark. To our defense there honestly were no posted signs of when the park was closed, but that was the end to our romantic evening. That’s okay though because the next evening we told the kids all about it and my amazing husband decided that we’d have dinner outside and enjoy the stargazing with the kiddos…. where we couldn’t be kicked out of. We all loved it… not to downplay all his romantic efforts, but I secretly loved it more than the night before.

Earlier this year we had gone on our first cruise and as much as I loved all of it, one of my fondest memories was a simple one. One evening, we went to the top deck of the rear of the boat where there was no one and it was just pitch dark. We decided to simply lay on our backs and stare at the deep dark sky and gaze at the stars… talking about life and God with the kids. It was perfect.

This evening was just like that. Simple and perfect. I wonder if these moments that mark such an imprint in my heart and memory will be of similar imprint on the kid’s – I can only hope… because I treasure them so dearly.

The sky was clear and we got to see a few stars, we tried to find Mars and Saturn, but the Moon was just breathtaking. You could make out all the craters and you’d wish you could just somehow transport yourself through the lens of the telescope and hop right onto that imperfectly shaped piece of perfection. This was before the unfortunate events of Neil Armstrong’s passing. Just to imagine what he had seen. May you rest in piece Mr. Armstrong.

Question of the day: What are some of your most perfect moments/memories?


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