A Juggling Act

Before the kids went back to school, I had decided along with my husband that it would be a good idea if I explored the idea of finding a part-time job. Nothing too demanding and something flexible because given our current situation I wanted to make sure that I had the flexibility of being available for the children because his line of work isn’t really flexible. Why did I want to go back to work? Many reasons… some that you may relate and some that you may not. Financially we wanted to be proactive and prepared for some situations that we were foreseeing, and personally as much as I absolutely love my children and find fulfillment in motherhood, I long to do other things as well.  The jobs that I was applying for weren’t necessarily the ones that I was longing for, but the ones that I long for are the ones that will have to wait because at this moment it would mean sacrificing the role that I am playing at home and it is not something I am willing to compromise on.

Back in July/August, Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote an insightful piece about Why Women Still Can’t Have It All  and not only do I encourage everyone to read it, but I’ll be the first to admit that I exhaled deeply when reading that this high government official publicly admitted that for a long time she had contributed to the misleading idea that women can have it all and lecturing that “they are to blame if they can’t manage to rise up the ladder and also have a family and an active home life (and be thin and beautiful to boot).” Not that I need anyone’s approval or that their opinion matter, but it’s just that finally it was clearly and concisely explained! I’ll also be the first to admit that as much encouragement and support that I’ve had from my husband, family, and friends there are always those moments of defeat where I pause and look back at my degree and the dreams that I had and shelved away and hope to go back to… feeling guilty for even having those desires because my kids are everything, not once would I trade it for anything else. That being said, I’ve faced the reality that I can’t have it all – yet… but in its due time it will all come together.

The term working mom is honestly redundant, because being a mom is work – its hard work. So technically I have two full-time jobs, Bobby & Gabby… and I took up a part-time job and not to mention summer wasn’t over so I was still finishing up summer school and trying to keep up with my blog. Oh wait, does keeping your hubby happy count as an additional job? hehe… sorry babe!

You know when you’re full, but not satisfied? Well, figuratively speaking my plate was full, but as busy as I was I still wasn’t completely fulfilled. Reality was that soon the kids would be back to school and although I’d be keeping busy, my part-time job wasn’t anything that I was passionate about and my two passions (my son and daughter) were going to be in school for the first half of the day, back just in time for soccer, dinner, bath and bed.

So here I am with my plate full, busy as can be… but still yearning for more, when I get a unique opportunity to do something that is just up my ally.


I am excited to announce that I’ve been contacted by the LaFemme Latina team to lead and guide them on the development of their website and design. Who is LaFemme Latina you ask? Well, I’m so glad you’re curious because they will be an online magazine proving guidance and support for women’s Body, Mind and Soul.  After hearing all the details about their initiative I thought it was ingenious… but as for me, I was an itty bitty hesitant…afterall, how would I be able to take on such an endeavor?

After assessing my long-term goals and all of my responsibilities with my faith and family on the forefront, it dawned on me that this is exactly where I need to be and where I will be able to contribute the most. I have already decided that I am not willing to put my children and family second and as Anne-Marie Slaughter notably pointed out in her article, being able to set your own schedule is one of the key ways to be able to balance work and family. Being a working mom is not for everyone and no one should ever feel any guilt about choosing to stay with their children – ever! If you do choose to go back to work, when the time is right, make sure you have the support you need from your family and friends. Here’s another great resource to help you on your journey: Working Mom: Survival Guide… I know I can use all the help, support and survival guides out there! Every family is different, it’s important that you asses what’s best for your family given your specific and unique circumstances. Here’s a great chart based on a survey conducted to find out how working moms feel about balancing their work-life:

On that note, pardon me for being so tardy on my posts… it’s been a huge adjustment and it will continue to be an interesting balancing act. If the posts for the blog aren’t as often, now you know 😉  On the up note you will most definitely be able to hear and see a lot more of me at LaFemme Latina which will be launching in 2013! Get excited!!


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