In it to win it!

1So now that we’re all on the same page and we know that we’re in it to WIN IT! Let me fill you in on what we actually got ourselves into.

The contest we entered is called the Biggest Baddest Bucket List which in a nutshell is a contest where the winner gets to travel six contents for six months to blog about it. It’s an all-expenses paid trip (up to $50,000USD worth of traveling expenses) with $10,000USD spending money. The winner also receives a camera, phone and other technical wizardry to help produce the blog posts while on the road – that’s how I’ll stay connected with you (here’s hoping!). In case that wasn’t enough, upon returning home the winner gets a $50,000 check in which we have so much debt we wouldn’t know where that could go to first… hmm college loans, mortgages, car payments? Yes, we still have college loans from nearly 10 years ago!!

Anyways, that’s not the point, the point is that for us to stay in this game we need to be the top 5 contestants with the most votes!! Then the judges will decide.

Right now we’re lagging in 7th place with over 270 votes, which isn’t too far from the top 5!! I’m ecstatic that we’ve made it even this far, but if we’ve made it this far… let’s drive this baby home!!

Our competitors are some highballers close to the thousand and some with over 1,500 votes and I simply don’t know how they’re getting so many votes, so fast?! Any ideas?

The amount of times you can vote is truly limitless, every time you share our video:

Simply click on the social share buttons on the right-hand side next to our video to vote. Each button counts as another vote so if you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc and click on each, it will count as four votes.

Also when sharing it on Facebook, you can share it on your own timeline, or you can be our number one fan and share it on each of your friends’ timeline and perhaps we can have a domino effect? What do you guys think?

Perhaps you’re a teacher and you have a classroom full of bright minds needing encouragement and you’d love to join us on our adventures! I know cellphones aren’t okay in the classroom, but they’re all plugged into social media and we’d love your and their support and encouragement! Or perhaps you’d be willing to share our endeavours with your colleagues?! Either way we’d love to go on this adventure with YOU!

I’m clearly a newbie at this so if any of you have any awesome ideas of how I can encourage more people to vote, I’m open to all suggestions! According to the rules I can’t offer any prizes and bribery is not my style, I play fair.

We’d love to find out which one of you out there is supporting us! Let us know if you’re one of them and how many people you’ve shared our video with: !

It’s wayyy past my bedtime… so here’s hoping that tomorrow comes and yet another miracle will have presented itself. Hope you’re our miracle!!signature


5 responses to “In it to win it!

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  2. You’ve gained a lot of ground quickly in the contest and it’s totally impressive. I’m currently in second place, but I had the help of my community. I asked the community newspaper to cover the story and they happily posted an article on the busiest, most read day – Saturday. It helped tons!

    I love a good competition. Thanks for making me sweat it 😉

    Bucket List Publications

    • LOL, thanks so much… it means a lot coming from someone like you, but I doubt we’re making you sweat… you’ve got A LOT of support 🙂
      What are the chances you want to write an entry on little ol’ us 😉 As long as we can stay on the top 5 we’ll be really happy!!

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