Let it snow

I’m not sure how many of you have heard or are among us that were hit by the N’eastern snow storm, but this weekend we definitely got all the snow that we had been wishing for. Some places got hit with a little more than they wished, but one thing was for sure… we had FUN!gabbysnow


There was so much snow that making a snowman didn’t feel like a big enough undertaking so we made a fort for an ultimate snowball fight. By the time our fort was done we were all so famished that we skipped the fight and decided to go out and warm up with some Italian soup.


Clearly we couldn’t help but imagine ourselves in Tuscany enjoying the real thing! What can we say, all we do is dream of traveling the world and it doesn’t help when we feel like we’re getting subliminal messages everywhere that it’s within our grasp…


Our hopes are so great that we began working on our itinerary. We figured that to ensure this is a true “around the world” experience, we want to visit at least 2 destinations from each continent. According to the guidelines our itinerary also needs to include at least 25 destinations from MyDestination.

After sitting down and going through our inspirational “Take Me There” travel pinterest board and taking into consideration some of our extensive research, we have identified these 14 destinations we definitely want to go to:

North America

1. United States – Hawaii

2. Canada – British Columbia, Alberta or Toronto? (help us pick 1 of the 3)

South America

1. Brazil (Brasil) – Rio de Janeiro

2. Ecuador – Galapagos Island


1. Greece – Greek Islands

2. Italy – Florence

3. France – Bordeaux


1. Kenya

2. Egypt


1. Australia – Whitsunday

2. New Zealand Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua, or Aukland? (Help us pick 1 of the 5)


1. China

2. India

3. Thailand

As you can see, we still need help narrowing down where in Canada and New Zealand we should go, where do you recommend?  This leaves us with still 11 destinations to choose from the MyDestination network and anything else we might want to add to it. So now we’re turning to YOU!! After all this trip will only be made possible because of you so we want to make sure you’ll be able to have as much say in it as possible!

Where else would you like us to go? Is there a place you’ve been that you highly recommend or is there a place that’s in your bucket list that you’d love to experience? We will make sure that you’re as close to experiencing every moment with us as possible, through our blog posts, pictures, and video clips of everything. Go ahead and laugh with or at us, learn from our setbacks and mishaps, but most of all we want to inspire you to go out and explore the world!

So we need 2 things:

1.  For you to vote for us (click on the round badge) so that we can make ALL of this possible:









2.  Help us make our Biggest, Baddest, Bucketlist! Please let us know what your recommendations are in the comment box below 🙂



12 responses to “Let it snow

  1. I lived 8 years in Chicago ,and l lived through many snow storms.. Now l live in California but l see snow storms from afar..Wonderful post.jalal

  2. I studied abroad there so I lived there for 6 months! Cape Town is UNBELIEVABLE. Camps Bay beach is a must-do with the kids. There are also some good museums but some may not be as good for young kids. There’s the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town that has an aquarium and lots of shops and entertainment. There’s also a Science Centre!

    Durban also has a lot to do (on the east coast)–waterparks, aquariums, the Indian Ocean (warmer). There’s also always the safari option which you can do in numerous part of the country.

  3. Also, Toronto is like the NYC of Canada but cleaner. I’m not sure about kid stuff as much but I went for a weekend and loved it. My family also lived in Quebec for a bit and it’s awesome if your kids love the snow (snow sculptures, ice hotel, etc).

  4. super! obviously what you can do depends on how long you have and what time of the year it is when you get there, but the whole place is just beautiful. queenstown has a lot of extreme adrenaline rushes, but your kids are probably too young for skydiving, bungee jumping, zorbing, etc etc. it’s a beautiful area and within driving distance are franz josef glacier, lake wanaka, and milford sound/fiordland which might be the most stunning place in the whole country. christchurch is a really pretty city that’s very british and sadly had a lot of earthquake damage the last year. auckland is probably the most “kid-friendly” with it’s museum and zoo and harbor islands (spend the day in devonport? yes please!) and it’s pretty central to a lot of diverse attractions – waiwera thermal spa (it has a little waterpark, too) is 45 minutes away – http://www.waiwera.co.nz/ – just a little further is the black sand beach at Piha…you can go further north and explore the bay of islands – swim with dolphins, etc. waitomo is about 2.5 hours SW and has super cool cave tubing, rotorua is 3 hours SE and is very kid-friendly, super eerie volcanic scenery. there’s a hot water beach 2 hours away (from auckland) where you can dig your own little pools in the sand in the beach and they fill up with thermal hot water and you have your own little spa – it’s on the west coast of the coromandel, which is an incredibly scenic drive in itself with a must-stop at cathedral cove!

    er, i seem to have wrote a book! hope this was helpful, i’m happy to answer any follow-ups!

  5. What a fun and exciting list! I’m jealous just reading it! Here’s what I know about South Africa from friends that have spend some time there-
    (1) There are fantastic safaris everywhere! With so many game parks in SA you will get to see a bunch of the African megafauna. While you might think “see one game park, you’ve seen them all” the element of exploring these places and seeing scenes wild animals hunting, lounging, grazing, playing, etc just does not get old.
    (2) I’ve heard that Cape Town is a really neat city with beautiful gardens, old dutch architecture, and lookouts over the city at Table Mountain. There are beaches where I’ve heard you can sun bath with penguins.
    (3) SA has a rich and fascinating history- there are lots of museums dedicated to its archaeology (some of the world’s most important artifact and fossil finds). There may even be sites that you can visit. There are also museums dedicated to the history of apartheid- I can’t think of a better place to teach your children about social injustices associated with skin color (kids LOVE that stuff!!! lol- but its important you know!)

    Other places I would go if I could in North America
    Alaska–more animals AND glaciers! take helicopters and boats!
    Vancouver-Victoria, BC– take a ferry!
    good luck!!

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