Valentines Day Template Freebie For YOU!

Who doesn’t love all those creative personalized Valentines that we find on pinterest?! I know I do!! But who has time to replicate them? Well, I sure don’t, but if I’m going to make the time to make it, you sure know that I’m going to make it into a template and share it with all of you so that you can just print it and replicate it. WHY? Because I know your time is valuable and you’d appreciate it. So here you have two of the ones I was inspired from pinterest and made our own version of. It’s not in color for a reason. You can either have your kiddos color it or you can print it in a color stock of your choice. Go ahead and personalize it in your own little way while saving on your expensive ink. You know I wasn’t about to try to hand draw these puppies individually for each student in their class. For one, it wouldn’t come out nearly as nice, and secondly, that’d be wayyy too time consuming.
For the butterfly Valentines template simply click here and print as many as you need. As you can see, there are 4 in each page.

Butterfly Valentines

Afterwards you can cut the silhouette of the butterfly or keep it in a square/rectangular shape and simply snip two sections on the butterflies’ body to weave in your lollipop/sucker of choice.
The kids can personalize the back if they choose to as you can see here…

This is how the finish product can look like:

Our second Valentines is perfect for any Dinosaur lover. Click the template below and print as many as you need (as you can see, there are 4 to each page):

DINO Valentines

Afterwards you can layer it to a different color background or get even more creative and add the “plates” to your stegosaurus by hot gluing on your choice of chocolate. We used Dove hearts because we thought the shapes best resembled it, but we’ve seen Hershey kisses be used before for this project too.
Once again, your kids can personalize each card, which is a great exercise for them to improve in their penmanship and learn how to write each of their classmate’s names as you can see here…

This is how the finished Dinosaur Valentines can look like:

Hope you enjoyed our little Valentine template freebies 🙂 We’re all about home-made rather than store-bought. The kids love making them, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and it’s definitely a whole lot less expensive 😉


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