Not that this contest wasn’t serious before, but WHOA update!! What contest, some of you may be wondering? This contest! Minutes ago I received this exact email:


Alright so what does this mean exactly? Previously, the top 10 finalist (5 based off of votes alone, which we are working hard to stay there, and 5 which will be selected by the judges) were going to be voted down to a final 3 in which would be interviewed by phone and a winner would be selected. Now this is how it will essentially play out:



This is AWESOME!! To say that I have butterflies in my stomach is an understatement. If we remain in the top 5 we will guarantee the opportunity to MEET the judges (I’m not sure if the kids will be allowed to join me in this part just yet, but we definitely work around it). I have NO IDEA what they have in store for us, but whatever it is, I’m down for it. As long as I don’t have to steal, cheat or murder I’m GAME!

This is so awesome because just recently on twitter we grew such a nice camaraderie amongst each other (I know, who would have thought… we’re competing against one another right?) that we even started our own hashtag #BBBFriends. I even suggested that we should all travel together 😉 Now I’ll have the opportunity of meeting some of these amazing people.

It will be all up to me to win once I get there, but to be able to show them that they should choose us… first we need to make it there so I need YOU to vote for us so that we can stay remain in the top 5!! Please, please, please vote for our entry.

If you’ve already voted, continue voting & sharing. If you haven’t yet just click on this link right here: http://www.mydestination.com/users/thepaynes/bbb and it’ll bring you to a page that should look like this….


Every single time you share, counts as a vote which brings us one step closer to our dream becoming a reality!

Let me not also forget that our great friends @gapyeardotcom are also offering a lucky entrant a chance to win an iPad! You should definitely check them out!signature


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