Its official, today I turn 3-0. The word “thirty” just sounds like such a mouth full, but 3-0 is pretty awesome. It reminds me of a score board and I’m not going to be modest here, I feel like I’m winning in life. As most of you already know for the past 2 months I’ve been pretty hung-go about #MyBBB Competition in hopes of traveling the world with my kiddos for 6 months & blogging about this ultimate educational experience. In complete optimism my friends and family who have whole heartedly supported my wildest dreams blew me away with a surprise party recently – with the theme none other than traveling the world!!


Check out that cake! It’s a luggage with me and the kiddos and of course the infamous red fiat car (you’ll get the joke when you watch the thank-you video we’ve made for all of  you). The party was the icing on the cake, no pun intended because regardless of what may come, we received such a tremendous support from everyone! With a total of 33,319 votes we were amongst the 5 most voted for over 1,200 entrants from around the world. Yea, little us… you know the family that almost withdrew from the entire thing and started out with just a handful of votes. This was due to the dedication of many friends, family, co-workers and YOU who never stopped supporting us. A special thank-you to the Tribuna NewspaperRed Shoe Movement, La Femme LatinaDanbury’s 98Q! We wanted to make sure that to thank each and every one of you so we made this video:

The possibility of being able to discover this great big world is so exciting. Just the other night I was kept up with thoughts of how fast time is going by. How fast my little ones are growing up. Don’t you just wish you could slow down the hand of time and capture all those precious little moments?! So often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life that before we know it, it’s passed us by. Life often simply seems to be escaping us …


That quote says it all. I honestly feel like I’ve been getting subliminal messages everywhere. I saw this the other day:


…and what could I say… it was perfectly put! I’ll take the advice, and on that note I just turned 30 and I’m planning on traveling like it and making sure not a moment escapes us!signature


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